Business Owners


A New Step for Industrial Energy
and Carbon Reduction

Smart energy solutions for commercial and industrial applications

Commercial & Industrial Integrated

Higher efficiency
Higher efficiency, Unlocking potential
Cost-effective solutions
Cost-effective solutions, maximized returns
Longer product life cycle
Longer product life cycle
Security first
Security first,
powered by intelligence
Commercial Buildings

By combining state of the art modules and architecture, we integrate the solar energy with the building
itself. This provides power for the building, further lowering the operational cost, moving us one step closer
to a sustainable future at the same time.
Industrial Rooftops

Commercial roofs are the perfect place for solar energy investment. Through solar, the unused space is
transformed into a stable source of energy, to increase operational efficiency. Solar is the ideal green energy
source. Quick to install, flexible, and is well suited for businesses to reach their sustainability goals.

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The Blueprint for an Energy Revolution

AIKO Energy SIII Platform

With the integration of multiple energy devices, such as photovoltaic power generation, energy storage batteries, and charging stations, the energy management system for commercial and industrial uses can efficiently manage energy, monitor power consumption in real-time, analyze energy consumption of equipment, and predict energy consumption in future scenarios. This increases the proportion of green electricity consumption, ensuring that owners consume electricity economically, safely, and efficiently.
Health Status Management
Intelligent Optimization Operation Management
Data Report & Intelligent Diagnostic Analysis
Our Customer’s Stories

Chile CEME1 480MW, Chile’s Largest
Ground-Mounted Solar Project

“Magnesium-Aluminum-Zinc Single-Post Mounting System, designed improve installation efficiency, and reduce installation costs.”

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